Fee Schedule – Listed in booking platform. Applicant must sign up to access platform. See “Schedule Exam” page for link to access. Pricing subject to change without notice. 


(Within 60 days of Notice of Disapproval) 

50% of initial fee 



(see additional info under Policies) 

50% of initial fee 




P a y m e n t 

I accept cash (USD) and cashier’s check only. I do not accept credit cards or personal checks.


Out of Area Tests

Tests outside my service area require individual consideration. These are handled on a case-by-case basis.


Testing Area

If I’m meeting you at a designated airport, you must provide a private area free of distractions. I provide my own internet and printer. 


Retest Fees

The posted fee schedule applies only to retests for applicants who received a Notice of Disapproval on a previous practical test from me. Applicants seeking a retest after receiving a Notice of Disapproval from another examiner will be charged the full fee for the Practical Test regardless of tasks already completed on the first attempt, unless otherwise specified.


Continuance Fees

In some cases I will not charge a fee to continue the test (within 60 days) in the event that a Letter of Discontinuance is issued (see the Unavoidable reasons, below.)



Rescheduling Fee

A rescheduling fee may be charged due to the following:


The airman’s logbook entries do not demonstrate that he/she has met the aeronautical experience requirements for the desired certificate or rating

Applicant arrives without required documents including the aircraft maintenance records, proper endorsements, or identification


Applicant presents an unairworthy aircraft with an easily avoidable airworthiness issue